When you imagine a plumbing leak, you probably think of a leaking hot water heater or pipe spouting water and flooding your home. Some of the most costly leaks, however, are completely hidden. When you have a major leak, it’s easy to detect and repair. It’s the smaller leaks that often go unrepaired for years – secretly causing damage the entire time.

Hidden Leak Repair: Finding Leaks You Can’t See

Without proper routine maintenance and plumbing health checks, you could be paying for a leak without realizing it. Small leaks within your walls lead to the growth of dangerous mold spores and property damage. Your energy bill may steadily increase as your leaky pipes waste resources right under your nose.

The first step to hidden leak repair is to detect the leak. If you don’t see any obvious signs, such as a leaky faucet, it’s time to investigate. Aging, corrosion, cracks, clogs, pressure, and a number of other factors cause plumbing leaks. To discover hidden leaks, you have to find the source of the problem.

The most common type of bathroom leak occurs from the shower. Even minor water seepage every time you shower can cause the floorboard to warp, tiles to loosen, water stains, mold spots, and wood rot.

Inspect your home for water stains, mold spores, wood rot, paint discoloration, or other inconsistencies. Any of these can be signs of a hidden water leak within your walls. If you don’t see signs of a leak, but want to be sure, call a plumber to conduct a thorough plumbing system inspection.

Preventative Maintenance: The Cheapest Leak Repair

The best way to avoid costly water damage from a hidden leak is to maintenance your plumbing system regularly. Get small leaks repaired immediately to save hundreds of dollars in home repairs, the removal of hazardous mold spores, replace damaged wood, and avoid monthly energy increases.

The best leak repair is preventing a leak to begin with. Call now for a comprehensive plumbing system check. We’ll inspect for hidden leaks and potential problems so you can fix an issue before damage occurs. Don’t let a hidden leak cause major problems – trust Jean’s Plumbing for reliable leak repair and prevention.

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