Every homeowner’s worst nightmare is experiencing a bathroom flood. Flooding can cause extensive water damage, mold devastation, and electrical hazards. This is a scary reality for many homeowners, but it is possible to navigate a flooding disaster in a way that lessens overall cost, danger, and personal grievance.

During a Flood

If you’re home during a bathroom flood, it’s frightening and you most likely won’t know what to do. To prevent bodily harm to yourself and your family, you need to understand the risks involved in a flood. During a house flood, there could be potential risks such as exposure to gas, electrical fires, or toxic biohazards. Keep your family, especially curious children, away from the flooded area until an electrician and a plumber have performed safety checks.

The first thing you need to do during a flood is shut off your water. If you don’t know how to do this, immediately call a plumber to talk you through it. It’s relatively simple in most cases – turn the knob on your main line with a wrench or use the water meter box outside your home. Once the water has been shut off, you can reenter your home and assess the damage.

After a Flood

It’s extremely important to take stock of the damage to your home immediately after a flood. There are measures you can take in the minutes after a flood to decrease the chances of permanent damage, such as squeegeeing your floors to prevent wood rot. Mop up the water as quickly as possible and aerate the room with fans and open windows to help prevent mold from forming.

Bathroom flooding is more hazardous than other types of house floods, since the water is non-potable and can spread disease. Be sure to use the proper safety equipment, such as a mask and gloves, to clear away the water and the soaked materials. Clean and disinfect the entire area fully and dispose of any items that the water touched.

Flood Prevention

Call a professional plumber to fix the pipes and investigate the source of the flood, so you can better understand what caused it and prevent similar incidents in the future. Regular plumbing checks and maintenance efforts on your part often effectively prevent large-scale bathroom flooding and can save your family the hassle and expense.

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